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Check out this list of 10 things you can do to help stop puppy mills:

1. Get an Education 
Whether you're thinking about getting a dog, want to educate others about puppy mills or just want to learn more, check out more information on puppy mills and puppy buying: 
Inside a Puppy Mill
Frequently Asked Questions About Puppy Mills
Puppy Buying Tips

2.  Stop Puppy Mills on Your Website
Add a "Stop Puppy Mills" or "Puppy Buyers Guide" banner to your website, MySpace page, Facebook page or blog, and start educating visitors about the dangers of puppy mills and pet stores. 

3. Assist With Ads
Help The HSUS place “Stop Puppy Mill” ads in national magazines and on billboards in communities around the country.

4. Get the Kit
The Dog Savers Kit has everything you’ll need to start spreading the word about puppy mills in your community, including printed materials, letter templates, tips for developing legislation and activity ideas. The kit is designed to help you discuss the puppy mill issue accurately and intelligently, whether speaking to friends and family or the local media. $3.00 each.
Download the order form

5. Forward to a Friend
Know someone who is thinking about bringing a puppy into their family? Send them a message with a link to the Stop Puppy Mills website so they can read our puppy buying tips, sign the pledge and learn more about puppy mills.

6. Lobby for Better Laws 
Contact your federal and state legislators and let them know that you’re concerned about the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills and want the puppy mill issue to be a priority for congress. Ask them to expand the reach of the Animal Welfare Act to include kennels that sell large numbers of puppies directly to the public and to ban the imports of puppies for resale.

7. Get “Stop Puppy Mills” Stuff
Spread the word about puppy mills wherever you go with stickers, t-shirts, bookmarks, dog collars and flyers.

8. Speak Up
Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is a great way to get the word out about puppy mills in your community. Write your own version—a short, polite letter is most effective—or download a Microsoft Word version of the template that you can alter.
Download the sample letter

9. Furnish Your Vet With Flyers
Supply your vet or groomer’s office with informational flyers—“How to Buy a Puppy” and “How to Find a Good Dog Breeder”—designed to help potential pet owners avoid puppy mills.
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10. Donate
Help The HSUS in our ongoing campaign to stop puppy mills. Please make a donation today.




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