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Hi, I adopted “Odie”, who I’ve named Olive over a year ago, and I just wanted to thank you and let you know that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has protected me, loved me, and got me through a few rough times as a nineteen year old girl. I am so thankful to you and your agency. When I saw his adorable picture I could not help but fall head-over-heels in love with him. I named him Olive after the children’s story “Olive the Other Reindeer” because he looks like a little reindeer to me. I am so happy, I just had to share my story. Thank you again and again and again. I have attached a picture of my grown up, handsome puppy.

With love, Hannah & Olive


Hello: My name is Danelle and I adopted Chacha from your rescue years ago, in May it will be four years. I have wanted to write you all over the years to tell you that Chacha has not only changed my life, but my whole familys too. She is the love of my life. To think my little angel was in a puppy mill makes me sick. I can't believe how people treat these dogs. Anyway, Chacha has the best life ever. Tons of love, exercise, good food, vet care, and more. She is so full of life and happy. I can actually see it on her face constantly. It's like she's smiling. I feel 100% in my heart that we were meant to be together and that God had a hand in our connection. Thank you for what you do...! Here are some recent photos.

Love, Danelle


Just wanted to Thank everyone again for our sweet girl Meha! She turned a year old and has just been so much joy to us! She doesn't act much like a Chihuahua..lol She loves to hike and swim and is always looking for children to play with! When we are able we also love to take her with us to do volunteer work with the Lake Metro Parks!! Here is a picture of her proudly wearing her badge!!

Sincerely, Sonia Whidden


Hi, I wanted to update you on Piglet who is now known as Wrigley, although he has become such a foodie that we still call him Piglet! I can't tell you how wonderful he is. I moved from Michigan back to North Carolina the beginning of this year and he has just fit right in with the Southern way of life! My apartment complex is very dog friendly with a dog park right outside my door and a dog safe porch off the living room. Between my parents and my friends he is spoiled rotten and has actually become a typical Boston kisser. He's up to 14 pounds now and I can't tell you how many people stop us to tell me how adorable he is. I really want to thank you guys for choosing me to adopt him. He has been an absolute joy and a handful! I've attached some pictures of him for you see.

Denise Skiba


Thought it had been awhile since you've all seen a picture of our boy. He's still so much fun, so much a part of our family and so very loved by all of us. He's been with us several times to Caleb's parents farm & LOVES to run & run. He also does well, on the few occasions, when we've had to board him. He LOVES playing with other dogs, taking long walks, playing catch & tug of war. Thanks again to each of you for bringing us together.

Kerry S. Wyse

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