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About Rooney

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $300.00
  • Species: Dog
  • Color: Red & White / Bicolor
  • Current Size: 19 Pounds
  • Current Age: 3 Years 1 Month (best estimate)
Rooney is an 11 month old Beabull, (Beagle/Bulldog mix), that came to us from a local pet store after it was discovered she had some neurologic issues in her hind end. They stated that she had a strange gait, and didn't seem to be able to fully control her bowels. We agreed to come and check her out to see if we could help, and as soon as we laid eyes on her, we knew we couldn't leave her to an unknown fate. So, she came home with us! 

We took Roo to see a neurologist in Akron, who confirmed that she has deficits in her hind end. After her exam, he felt that she suffered trauma at some point that caused permanent damage to her spine and associated nerves. This led to the "bunny hop" and off gait she has in her hind end, along with the inability to always control when she has to go to the bathroom. While we cannot do anything to fix the damage that's been done, the good news is that it shouldn't get any worse, and she's not in any pain. 

Roo really has NO idea she's different from other dogs. She runs and plays and jumps without any issues. Other than needing to wear her diapers in the house, she's just like any other pup! 

When she's not gnawing on tough toys, (she'll destroy stuffed toys or ones not meant for vigorous chewers!), she loves to wrestle and zoom around with the big dogs. She is a feisty little girl that is more than capable of holding her own, haha! She's definitely in a bit of a puppy phase currently, so keeping your shoes, clothing, etc., out of her reach is a must! She thinks everything is a toy and will pick it up and chew on it. 

Roo can be a little shy in new situations and when meeting new dogs, but she warms up quickly. She mostly ignores cats, but will sometimes play bow and try to get them to engage in play if the other dogs are ignoring her!

Roo is a great blend of fun and playful, and sweet and cuddly. She enjoys playtime, but is just as eager to snuggle up with you for cuddles and naptime. She's very sweet and affectionate, and will actively solicit attention from anyone who will give it to her! We really have fallen in love with her lovable, silly self. She makes us laugh!

Rooney may be "special needs," but she's honestly a really easy keeper. She's great about her diapers, though, if we're being honest, she has pulled a pad or two out of them and chewed them up! Puppies! She mostly seems to have control of her bladder, but she will occasionally pee in her diaper. She will "leak" little poops sometimes, but she rarely if ever has full bowel movements in her diaper. We let her out frequently, (every 3-4 hours), and keep her clean/dry, and she does great. 

I know it sounds intimidating or even gross, but once you get a system/routine down, she's very easy. We've never had a dog with her issues in the rescue before, so this was our first time dealing with a dog that requires diapers. It was a bit of a learning curve, but we figured things out quickly and without any real issues. So, if we can do it, we promise you can do it too!  =)  And it's really not as gross as it sounds either! She has some control, so it's not like she's constantly leaking or overly messy. We're more than happy to teach her new family all the things we've learned regarding her care!

Rooney's ideal home is one where someone isn't away for extended periods of time, as she can't sit in an unchanged diaper for 8+ hours. She hasn't lived with kids, but would probably be fine with children that are dog savvy, and don't leave toys laying all over for her to chew/potentially eat. A fenced in yard is strongly preferred, as her Beagle nose will lead her all over, and her Bulldog stubbornness means she doesn't have the best recall! She's the perfect size for condo/apartment living, but she does have the Beagle bray and will bark at things she sees/hears.

Rooney is currently 19lbs, and shouldn't get much bigger. She is spayed, microchipped, dewormed, fully vaccinated, heartworm negative, and on monthly flea/tick/heartworm prevention. She is cratetrained, mostly walks well on leash, (she can get excited and pull), and rides well in the car. 

Rooney is a wonderful little dog. She will make an amazing addition to the right family!  

Her adoption fee is $300, and she'll come with all her washable diapers, and a supply of pads, etc. 

Please click here to submit an adoption application for Rooney!

If you have questions, or would like additional information, please email us at newleashrescue@gmail.com. Thanks!

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